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Friday, December 16, 2011

December 17, 2011.

Another Year Has Gone By.

So what happened to 2011, seriously, the year went by too quickly.
There have been many good memories and a few sad ones. Bill’s health has been declining but he has never lost his great sense of humor, and is still capable of taking care of himself. His memory may be failing but Bill thinks that’s great, he gets to meet new people every day. The other day while I was driving, Bill was on the cell phone talking to our friend, telling her we were on our way to her house. Heather asked Bill, “where are you?” Bill asked me, “where are we?” For some unknown reason I said “by Churchill School,’’which is 7 miles in the opposite direction. Heather reactions was “WHERE!.” I remembered the name of the school and told Bill it was Superior. Bill to Heather, “sorry I’m dealing with a drunken navigator.” I thought that remark was so funny. Bill never ceases to amaze me.
We’re both sad that his ability to draw is becoming very difficult for him, but I take him out everyday so his life is still full.
For myself I try to spend my time quilting, or sharing time with great friends.
The sad part is the lost of family members. My nephew Tom, and my 24 years old female cousin from Hamilton, who was attending University in the States, was killed in a head on collusions. In addition I was sad to hear of Crystal sudden ill health.
For a week in October we were blessed to have our oldest son Al here visiting us.
We also enjoy talking with our kids in Utah on Face Time and on the phone. I talk to Brayden, the youngest of Chris and Nicole’s boys, almost every Saturday evening. He is so much like his dad Chris when he was young. Brayden is an interesting and fun loving kid, with an abundance of energy. He tells me about all his experiments including a few mishaps, which occasionally gets him grounded.
I participated in Aunt Pitty Pat’s quilt swap a few time this year and was pleasantly surprised with my swaps. They are always interesting to do plus the drive to the border is fun. I do get carried away at times buying new things on line from the States just to be able to do the hour drive to Ryden’s Store in Grand Portage, MN, with Bill, or anyone who will take me.
I’m hoping the year 2012 will be a happy one.

Hanging Garden.
Isabel was my neighbour for 50 years and a co-worker at Safeway for about the same length of time. A short time ago her son Kris, his wife and three year old girl named Leko welcomed a new baby boy into their home in British Columbia. I made the Sail Boat Quilt for the baby. Leko called her Grandmother Isabel here and asked if she could have a blanket like her brother, only she wanted it a wee bit bigger. Isabel asked me if I would make a quilt for her grand daughter. Kris’ wife was born in Japan and in the Summer she takes Leko there to see her Grandparents. Leko is fluent in the Japanese language. She is a beautiful pretty child. Heather, my good quilting friend, heard about this quilt I was planning to make, gave me a pattern and Asian fabric. I took one look at it and thought, I will never be able to make such a gorgeous quilt. Together we went to Luci’s, Circle of Friends, quilt shop to pick out the accent, backgound and backing fabrics. Purple is Leko’ favourite colour. It took me longer to make it because of Bill’s health issues, but I did get it done for Christmas. Wendy Currie did the top quilting.
Fortunately for me Isabel was vacating in Texas so I was able to take the quilt to our quilters guild meeting. Everyone who saw the quilt was highly impressed with Wendy’s quilting. Thursday, December 15, 2011, I delivered the quilt to Isabel. She hasn’t send it out yet because she wanted her family in Thunder Bay to see it first. She was more than pleased with the quilt. One more time I surprised myself on how well the quilt turned out. Now on to finish a few tote bags and Christmas stockings.

Hanging Gardens. Design by Georgette Dell'OrCo.

Quilting by Wendy Currie.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Write-up in our local paper.

The quilters I know are generious and kind people.
Friday November 25, 2011,

It was my 77th birthday and a day I volunteered to help Meghann and Linda deliver the Teddybear quilts. They were made by members of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild for the Christmas Cheer Fund. We had a total of 114 Teddybears and quilts, 2 extra quilts and a number of pillowcase. All the donation were made with hopes of making some needy children very happy. We are so proud of our Quilters Guild members. Thanks to all.

Saturday, November 26, 2011.

Today we had our first real snow fall, very slippery for driving.
Bill standing outside looking over the suitation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At our monthly quilt retreat we exchanged mug rugs and donated small bags with toiletries for Faye Peterson house for abused women.

Ellen made this mug rug, and I won it.

Marie made this one for me.

I made a special one for Maria. A great lady.

Joan won the red one I made.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

May 2009 I bought a Husqvarnia Designer 1 from Diana at Patchworks. Since that time it's been sitting on the floor under my sewing table. June 2011, I bought Husqvarnia Sapphire 835, but I had so much trouble trying to sew with Mono Poly thread, I returned it to It is a great company, they let me buy a different new machine with almost full credit for my Sapphire.

November 20, 2011 Heather took me to the border to pick up my Janome 7700.

So here is where I am now. I gave my sister my Pfaff, sold the Designer 1 to Karen, sent my Sapphire back and now I have Janome Horizon 7700

Husqvarnia Sapphire 835.

My Janome Horizon 7700, November 2011.

I made a cover for my Janome 7700 with a piece of scrap fabric.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov 2, 2011

Today my Grandson Avery is 14 years old.
Happy Birthday young man.
Looking at you, one would never know what a bad start you had in life.
May God Bless you and keep you safe.
Your biggest fan
Grandma Betty

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Wonderful Week-End

October 28, 2011

Friday Bill and I met Maria for coffee. While at the border I picked up her package, only to find out she received something she didn't order. I know I shouldn't laugh but it was funny. Bill always said I was born backwards, I cry when I should laugh, laugh when I should cry. Everything I do is better when I do it backwards, even reading. lol

Saturday Bill Maki and I met Isabel, and Bill N. for coffee at our favourite stomping grounds, McDonald's at Walmart.
Bill Maki drew a picture of Charlie Brown on a card for Bill N., inviting him to meet him at the Great Pumpkin Patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin to appear. I gave Bill N. his Peanuts Gang quilt. He was surprised but very pleased, he told us it will keep his feet warm at night while watching TV. Bill N also told us he still has a Charlie Brown card Bill Maki made for him in the past. That information made Bill Maki feel good, or as Bill M said "happy maki".

Here is the card Bill Maki made for Bill N. many years ago.

GPFC means Great Pumpkin Fan Club.

Saturday, October 29, 2011. Bill N. new Charlie Brown card.

Ami, my niece, and I went for coffee in the evening. It was nice to get away for a few hours.
I'm now working on a quilt for Leko, Isabel's grand daughter. Heather gave me some fabric made in Japan, that's where Leko's mom was born. The quilt is called, Hanging Gardens by Georgette Dell'Orco. The accent colours are mauve and medium purple. I'm hoping this quilt will be beautiful, she is such a gorgeous little girl.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Halloween Swap

This morning,Thursday, October 27, 2011, Bill and I went to the Canadian/American Border to return my Husquvarni Sapphire 835 sewing machine to Florida. Of course we also sent out a package containing Dad's Oatmeal cookies to our kids in Utah, killing two birds with one stone. My young relatives in Slovakia love that expression. The weather was perfect for driving, all the leaves have turned colour, the sky was blue and the sun was shinning. It was much better than the weather we had here for our son's visit. We are truly blessed here in Northwestern Ontario with all mountains, valleys and a variety of beautiful trees, especial the Maple tree.

When we got home a Halloween tote bag/mug rug swap parcel from Cathy in Barnesville, Ga was waiting for me. Wow what a wonderful surprise, so many gifts. The tote bag is awesome, a real Halloween treat. Cathy and I must have had the same thought, we were told to send 3 fat quarters, both of us sent pieces that were 42" wide, for me I thought that was more useful. Cathy sent me thread and a cookie cutter. I also received a book, Halloween food, fun and crafts, looks very intriguing. I love the mug rug, we are now making them a little bit bigger. Napkins and hankies are always useful, and we won't talk about the candies. Last but not least, I'm happy when I receive a card.

Thank you so much Cathy for all your great gifts.

My Aunt Pitty Pat's Swap are the best.

My Halloween Tote Bag/Mug rug Swap

The beautiful card I received from Cathy.

The Quilt from Hell!

October 26, 2011

When Bill Maki was a young boy in public school, he would always doodle on his notebooks, it was his second nature. The other kids in his room constantly asked Bill to draw cartoons on their books, which included famous comic characters such as Popeye, Superman, Mickey Mouse and many others. To this day, you would never want to leave any paper, be it a document, ad or unmarked paper, near Bill, especially if there’s a pencil or pen nearby. His family can verify this fact. Our son Al was a cartoonist who’s drawings were very much like his dad’s. He drew cartoons for his university paper. Life caught up with Al and he didn’t have much time to draw.

Ever since I’ve known Bill, (1954), I knew of his love and respect for Charles M. Schulz. First, because Schulz was a Christian; second, he was journalist and cartoonist. Snoopy and Charlie Brown were Bill’s favourite characters.
Bill and I have know Bill N. for more years than we want to admit. He and I both worked at Canada Safeway’s. Every Halloween the two Bill’s would make plans to meet when it got dark at the Pumpkin Patch and wait for Great Pumpkin to arrive. Sadly to this day, The Great Pumpkin has never shown up. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year.

I decided I would make a snoopy quilt for Bill N by printing out a Peanuts cartoon on my Printed Treasures. Heather S., my quilting friend, gave me eight Peanuts' gang fat quarters to make a quilt for Bill Maki. I chose the pattern Snapshot by Mountainpeek Creations, Centinnial, CO. When I finished Bill Maki’s quilt, I used the scrap to make the Bill N quilt.

On the Bill N. quilt,I used Mono Ploy (invisible) thread on my new Husqvarnia Sapphire 835 sewing machine. I quilted it on the grid, my thread kept breaking. I asked my friends to sew a line on my quilt, it broke for them, even the two professional sewers.
I changed the tension all the way down to 0, moved the spool of thread to horizontal then vertical position, on a spool holder, in front, at the back, used sewing advisor “C”. I used every type and size needle available and every type of thread for the bobbin. Nothing worked. The thread still broke. At first I was upset because I couldn’t figure out why the thread broke for me and not for others. Then I was mad, Lastly, I didn’t care, I did the best I could. As Bill Maki tells me, “No one will ever notice from the back of a galloping horse.”

Peanut's Gang Quilt


Monday and Tuesday I made a piece of fabric by sewing together all my scraps from the Peanuts' gang fabric. It measured 19” x 32”. I tried quilting it with the clear thread and it broke after sewing about ten inches.

I informed Eric, the gentleman I purchased the Husqvarnia from and here is his reply.

If you like you can ship the machine to us make sure to insure it.
I will need the thread and material you are sewing on
We will make it work perfectly and ship it back at no charge.

I’m off to the American border and now it’s his problem.

In 1970 Bill Maki sent this drawing to Charles Schulz who autographed it and sent it back to Bill. This is something Charles M. Schulz would never do later in his life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I am blessed

My Aunt Pitt Pat's Swap.

Our son Al went home on Monday, so we decided instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves we would go to the border on Tuesday to mail three parcels to the States. One to our son and his family in Utah, we send Canadian cookies and chocolates, one to Cathy, my Halloween swap partner from Aunt Pitty Pat's blog, and one to Laura, another swap partner from the past. The American Custom officers just shake their heads when they check the back seat of my car.

Here are parts of Cathy and Laura's blog.

My Halloween swap for Cathy.

Then when I got home from work my swap package from Betty in Canada was here. I think our packages must have crossed in the air. It was so cute and I have swapped out my tote for this most lovely of totes. You can see all the other presents that were included. I did forget to include the handmade card in the picture. I was doing really well though clearing out a spot on the dining room table for a photo. I always do a good job of hiding my pile of stuff in pics.

Laura's Gift.

I believe that God knows when we Need a friend to come into Our lives & become Our Rainbow in the storm of life!
This past year I have been Blessed with a New Internet Friend, Betty!
We were originally paired together in Aunt Pitty Pats Swap...
We are very Far apart in miles.. but I feel very close to her despite those miles that seperate us!
We have since continued Our friendship & every once in awhile.. We send each other little packages.. just because!
Its Amazing that Betty's packages always seem to arrive perfectly scheduled & remind me that I have a special friend
thinking of me:)

I just talked with Betty the other day & she mentioned that her & her husband had taken a little trip to the border...
That little rascal failed to mention she had put something in the mail for me at the border...
Today I received a Halloween package. Guess what I got? Not 1 but 2 Quilted Mug Rugs WooWoo! a Pretty Fall card, & Chocolate!
Not just Any chocolate...My New addiction (thanks to Betty) Canadian "Smarties" Oh my! They are Soooo yummy.. Kinda like M & M's but yummier:) the Chocolate isn't as bitter as M & M's.
I hope she knows she has Created a Monster!

Thanks Cathy and Laura.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Swap Tote Bags

I originally made this for my swap partner, then I changed my mind and decided, my grandson Brayden might like the tote bag and his mom and dad can have the mug rugs.

My Halloween Tote Bag and Mug Rug for Cathy in Barnesville, GA.

Halloween Mug Rug Swap.