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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is in the air.

The last few weeks have been hectic, Bill's health continues to deteriorate. Took Bill to the Thunder Bay Regional Science Heath Centre, the hospital, for a CAT Scan, now we wait to see if Bill had another stroke.

Here is what I've been doing this month.

I found some flannel fabric with skulls at Fabricland. I was sure my sweet grandson Brayden, in Utah, would love to have it so I made him two pairs of pyjamas. Sadly they were a bit small in the waist. Nicole is sending me a pair of his pyjamas, next pair should be a better fit.

Summer of 2010 my quilting friends and I went on a shop and hop trip to Duluth, Mn. We made great memories that day, five ladies and two flat tires. I found some Toy Story fabrics. I had planed to make a quilt for my great-grandson Brady, but on second thought I knew he would soon out grow his love for Toy Story so I decided to make pj's for him.

Last September I promised my daughter-in-law Jeanne, in Calgary, I would make a tote bag for her to take to the library to carry her many books home. Finally here they are.

This is the first tote bag I made for Jeanne.

The lining.

This is the second.

The lining.

I made this bag from a charm package I picked up at our quilt store, The Quilters Stash.

In the early 1900's my Grandmother's 3 sisters and one brother, immigrate to the States and settled in Bridgeport, Ct. In 1919, after the first World War, United States no longer allowed Eastern Europeans into the country, so my mom ended up coming to Canada in 1927.
Monday I got my Easter mug rug swap from my partner, Carol Ann.
She told me she had a very stressful day at work, and when she arrived home and the package was sitting on her steps, it made her day. I’m pleased she like her mug rug. She also said she lives about 25 miles from Bridgeport, Ct. Mom’s first cousin still lives in that area. The world is getting smaller every day. My mug rug gift from Carol was beautiful and I love my pink cup. It is very exciting to get a gift in the mail.
Here in my gift from Carol.