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Saturday, June 11, 2011

McDonald's the fast food restaurant's Donna.

Me, Donna and Kelly.

As I have said many times, Bill likes to go to McDonald's at Walmart, on a daily basis, to meet all his old cronies, his words, not mine. We started going to Mcds after Bill's stroke more than 3 years ago, and that's when we met Donna. She has become a good friend. Donna has a bubbly personality which always brightens our day. Donna asked me and Kelly to stand beside her for her award picture. Kelly and I were honoured to do so. The award couldn't have gone to a better person.
Bill and I are proud to have you as a friend Donna.

Back to the US Border

Thursday Maria, Joan, Kathy, picked me up at Walmart. The day started out so well, I fell by my car, no injuries just humiliation.
We drove to the border to picked up a few parcels and to mail Brayden's pyjamas to Utah.
It is a beautiful one hour drive around Lake Superior. The US custom clerk asked us if we were leaving anything or mailing anything in the States. This is the first time we were asked about mailing our parcels in the States, maybe he knew about out Postal strike. Bill and I went to the border two weeks ago, I told Chris the US Customs checked my car and trunk, he said, "glad to hear they are doing their job," spoken like a true American. I have never encountered a bad US custom's officer yet, and I hope I never do.

This is the small but wonderful Post Office in Grand Portage, Mn., with the kindest and most helpful Postal clerk, named Mary, I've ever met.
She is seen here wrapping Brayden's parcel. Crossing the border I never seal my parcels anymore, it's open for inspection.

The scenes from the Post Office at Grand Portage Casino.

Kathy and Joan.

A sign you will never see in Canada. lol

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cancer Quilt.

June 6, 2011.

I met Heather at Maria's quilt retreat, we sit next to each other, that gives me the opportunity to drive her nuts.
I told her about my friend who has breast cancer and she insisted I make her a lap quilt. I tried to explain that I had already made a quilt for her and her husband, Joe. Heather gave me the cancer fabric and the pattern, Disappearing 4-Patch or the 4 to 9-Patch. I made the blocks, adding sashing and cornerstones.

I gave it to Isabel on Sunday, she was surprised, it was bigger than she expected. She will put it to good use, sometimes in the evenings she gets cold.

Disappearing 4 - patch or the 4 to 9 - Patch.
This is the original pattern, no sashing.

Brayden's New Pyjamas.

This week I finally finished Brayden's pyjamas. Maria and I planned to go to the American border today but that didn't happen, she had to work, maybe we'll go on the week-end.

There is a Postal strike in Canada.

From The Globe and Mail.......Cast your mind back to 1997. Facebook and e-vites didn’t exist. You couldn’t browse the Internet on your phone or tablet. And there were few good alternatives to paying bills by mail.

Fearing economic carnage, the federal government waited just 16 days before ordering the striking posties back to work.

This time around, Canada Post’s fading presence in the lives of Canadians is front and centre in the dispute. The Crown corporation, which is facing dwindling revenues and a crushing $3-billion pension deficit, is determined to significantly cut pay and benefits for new hires, creating a two-tiered work force..... The end

The truth is the strike will not affect most Canadians. We have computers, UPS, and the USPS.
How lucky can we be! It is sad for the people who receive their cheques in the mail.

I bought 5 meters of flannel for 2 pairs of pyjamas for Brayden, but it still wasn't enough. I went back to Fabricland, only to find there wasn't any more left. If you look closely you will see where I pieced the top. Bless Brayden's heart, he will never complain. Got to love him, he is his father's son.
The two dogs sitting on my couch are waiting for me to make a quilt for them. They will go to the Christmas Cheer Fund.
Two kids will be happy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taken from Nicole's blog.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011

One Sheet Wonder Part Three: Scrapbook Page
Scrapbook Layouts are another fun thing you can make with your one sheet wonders. This is the sheet that I stepped out, it was a lot quieter, a little more open space and I thought it would be perfect for a wedding page.

I used a ton of wrinkle ribbon too :-)

Nicole is a fabulous designer in all her crafts.
Nicole and Chris' wedding, February 4, 1995. Bill and me, Chris and Nicole, Nicole's mom and dad, Dennis and Luci.
Calgary, Ab.

View her blog, "Made by Nicole"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Dress I Made.

I posted this dress a while back but I accidentally posted the full name of the owner, so I removed it.

Years ago Kathy and I took a sewing course, "Stretch and Sew by Jan Taylor".
The dress fabric and ribbing was 100% polyester.
You sew the white neck ribbing to the top of the dress, then you stretch the ribbing while you sew with coloured thread along the top folded edge. This gives you the wavy look.
I like learning new things, and that's the reason I took this course.
I didn't have any girls so I gave it to my friend Isabel, she had two daughters. After the girls out grew the dress, she gave them to our other friend "H".
The young lady in this photo is 42 years old today.

I'm publishing the photo again because it's one of my favourite sewing projects.