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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Great Nephew, Teddy McDonald.

January 2014.

I reconnected with Teddy at his dad's funeral, 2009, and it is fun getting to know him. Teddy asked me to make a King size quilt for his bed. His choice of colours were, Burgandy and Gold. I was fortunate, The Quilters Stash, was going out of business, everything was on sale. Maureen only had his colour in Batiks, so that's what I went with. The pattern is called, Five Yard Quilt.

The size was 95" x 105". It took me a week to sew the binding by hand.
Quilted by Mureen Belisle.
The quilt is my gift to Teddy, it's his heirloom. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

February's Three Quilts.

Here is the first quilt finished.

 The pattern ‘Honeycomb’ from ‘A Bee in my Bonnet’ blog.

I used fabrics related to anything outside, bugs, flowers etc. 

 It's fun doing new things. 

Hexie Half Ruler

July 2012 I went to Utah for the first time in five years. Bill stayed at St. Joseph’s Heritage. Later he told me he didn’t like it there, he was lonely. Chris and his family took me to a quilt store, Quilt Etc, Sandy Utah. They had a quilt on the wall called, ‘Honeycomb. I bought the template so I could use the scraps I had in my stash. It was fun doing something new. I cut the fabrics at home, took the kit to our quilt retreat in Ignace, Ontario, February 2014.

I gave the quilt to Bill Nelson, he was a dear friend of Bill Maki, and still is mine, for his sister,  Heather's birthday. 
 She loves the outdoors, perfect quilt for her. 

Promises I Make to Myself But Rarely Keep.

My Promise. Make a quilt and finish it. 

I’m working on three quilts at the same time!  When I start one and just get bored with it, I start working on another one and continue in this vein until I finally finish at least one. Something happened and I needed to make a special quilt. I still have about six kits I made after Bill passing. In time I may just give them away. Patterns and fabrics are always changing, so do my likes and dislikes. 

Here is how it went during February. I bought Lori Holt’s new Hexie Half Ruler/Templates, while I was in Utah last summer. The pattern for the Hexie ruler is in, ‘A Bee in my Bonnet’ blog, called, ‘Honeycomb’. I used my scraps to try out this ruler. 
Nicole and I shopped at The Material Girls Quilt store last Christmas. We bought, Windham W Fabrics “Downtown” by LB Krueger. Nicole chose the pattern, Boomerang, by “Crazy Old Ladies”. I cut out the pieces and sewed them at our Ignace retreat. 
I put all this aside to make Jackie’s Memory Quilt. It will never replace her two beautiful Grandchildren who died tragically, but it will keep her warm. I took the top to Wendy Currie to quilt on her Longarm. She does a beautiful job and I won’t have to worry about sewing around those angelic faces. 

I have a panel quilt sitting on the floor waiting for me to practice my free motion quilting. It will probably sit there for a long time.