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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Northcott Fabrics.

During the summer our quilt shop had Northcott fabrics on sale. The pastel colours appealed to me so I went crazy and I purchased more than I could use in a life time.

I made 4 quilts and still had fabrics left over.

The 3 ladies who got these quilts are all very helpful to Bill.

One is a psychologist, the other 2 are employees of McDonalds.

Name of the quilt is Daydreams, from "Simply Strips & Squares' by Suzanne McNeill. The owner is Donna.

The name of this quilt is "Swell', from the book "Simply Strips & Squares. I still have it.

The name of these two quilts is "Serenity" from the book " Strip Happy" by Donna Kinsey.

The first one went to Karen, The second one is Mary's, Bill"s psychologist. We both love her.

Bill and Mary.

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