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Sunday, May 29, 2011

US Patriotic Fabrics.

The West Coast of the US has been Chris and Nicole's home for many years. Whenever I would visit them, they would take me to various fabric and quilt shops. My purchases would always consist of at least 3 or 4 yards of US patriotic fabrics. I assumed that someday they would come back home with all their patriotic fabric quilts I made for them. I'm sure everyone knows the old saying, "God laughs at those who make plans", they aren't coming back to Canada, they chose to become American citizens. I did make 2 patriotic quilts for Trenton. 911 and Arm Severices of America.

Trenton's " Arm Severices of America" quilt, he picked out the fabrics.

I used up some of the fabrics making tote bags for my daughter-in-law in Calgary, for myself and for a few friends who often travel to Duluth, Mn. My stash was far to large and I couldn't find anyone in Thunder Bay who might want it. Aunt Pitty Pat's blog mention having a July mug rug swap. That was all the inspiration I needed, I searched the internet for photos of the Twin Towers.
Talking to Al on the phone I mentioned that I was having a hard time trying to find a good photo of the Twin Towers pre 911, there were so many post 911. Not my idea of July 4th. He mentioned something about the capture of Bin Laden, he had no idea what I would do with that thought. I found the Wanted Dead or Live poster, so I made a placemat for Al. I thought of putting the word, dead or captured, across his face but decided Al could spill all the coffee he wanted on him. I used black and white fabric to make it look as if he was in jail. and the poster picture because it conjured up vision of the Old West.
I printed out three photos of the Twin Towers. I made placemats for Marcel and Nicole. The extra one I sent to Marcel with some patriotic fabrics. She can use them for her mug rug. I'm so happy my stash is smaller, I still have more.

I made one for Al, Chris and Stephen. Stephen was born in Texas, played football in the CFL, helping Calgary win the Grey Cup, and now lives here.

Al & Chris' Placemat.

Stephen's placemats.

Chris & Nicole's placemat.

Marcel's placemat.

I made another pair of pyjamas for Brayden, the last pair was a bit too small, he won't stop growing. It's very difficult to find flannel for a 12 year old boy, so I was hoping he would like what I bought, I LOVE CANADA. Here is what I sent to the Utah Maki's.

Brayden wearing his new pj.

Chris and Nicole got the parcel on Thursday, Al will be lucky if he gets his next week. Good old Canadian mail services.

I received an incredible email from Marcel. I'm blessed, I have the best quilt friends in the whole wide world.
I sent Laura Secord chocolates because they are made in Canada.

Betty Sweet Friend!!!
Wow the package came today.. and I am blown away at all the wonderful nice fabric and items you sent to me.. How did you know that I needed some Americana Fabrics.. and all of this fabric is just what I needed... your so sweet and kind to think of me and give me such a nice considerate gift... Thank you so very much Betty!!
I have to tell you I love the Twin Towers block and the place mat.. they almost made me weep... I can hardly wait to sit down and read the magazines that you sent.. I see they were published in Canada.. what fun!! The mug the chocolates the pen.. everything was so very sweet.. Thank you Thank you thank you!!!
You really spoiled me... I love it!!!

A little foot note, Vancouver Canucks play the Boston Bruins next Wednesday, for the Stanley Cup.
It's our game..... HOCKEY!

Laura Secord Chocolates.

In 1913 Frank P. O’Connor began a small, Toronto-based candy business selling hand-made chocolates. He adopted the name Laura Secord, after the Canadian heroine because she was an icon of courage, devotion and loyalty.

Laura Secord started as a single shop on Yonge Street in Toronto. O’Connor turned the flat above the shop into a kitchen and prepared his own products. Success prompted the company’s expansion across Ontario and Quebec and in the 1930’s an office was opened in Winnipeg and drugstore agencies were appointed as Laura Secord outlets, or service shops.

By 1950, there were 96 shops in Ontario and Quebec, and Laura Secord candy was a well-established family tradition. Starting in the late sixties, Laura Secord underwent a series of ownership changes and is currently owned by Jean and Jacques Leclerc, two Quebec businessmen.

Currently with over 130 company-owned stores across the country, Laura Secord is Canada’s largest and best known chocolatier, selling premium chocolates, ice cream and other types of candies. With more than 400 products, Laura Secord still follows the time-honoured recipes and dedication to quality and excellent customer service as when the company first started. Every product carries an unconditional guarantee for quality.

Due to shortage after World War II, Laura Secord Chocolate went on sale once a week, Saturday morning. People would line up in front of the drug store waiting to get in just to buy one box of the delicious chocolates. I know this because, as a teenager I worked at the only drug store that sold Laura Secord chocolates. When you get Laura Secord Chocolates, you know you got the best.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today It's about hockey not quilting.

I am Canadian.

My children are American, my Father-In-Law was born in Finland, my Mom was born in Slovakia,

so if Canada or the States can't win the Gold in World Hockey, I'm so proud that Finland beat Sweden in Slovakia.

Nothing can be better than that.

A poem from Bill Maki's childhood days.

40 Swedes came through the weeds

Chased by one crazy Finn.

Bill told me, "it's just a joke."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 2010 BC Olympic Quilt

Here is the wonderful email I got from Dawn.

Dawn, 10:00pm May 14th
Subject: A million likes!
Omigoodness! Al dropped by your beautiful and thoughtful quilt. It is simply gorgeous and perfect for our wonderful 2010 year. The tag looks amazing. My mum is here visiting from Manitoulin Island - she arrived via bus because she's afraid to fly - and was thrilled to get to see it. Kirsi was playing on it today. I was pointing out all the different winter sports. Photos to come.
Hugs and kisses ~ Dawn, Chris & Kirsi

This is one of the many reasons why I love to quilt, I get great e-mails.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pitty Pats Sewing Machine Swap.

I'm posting this now because tracking tells me she has received it.

April 26th, 2011.

I will post this when Alda receives my swap to her.

When Maria introduced me to Aunt Pitty Pat's Swaps, her name is Marcel, she didn't realize what a blessing that was. I not only enjoy her blog, she is very funny, but I met some interest and creative people. In each of her swaps that I participated in, I feel I got the better of the swap. I recently joined her Sewing Accessory Swap.

My partner is Alda and here is her story.

Yes I am the quilting (and a little crazy of course) cat lady owned by 2 cats. I love looking at beautiful fabrics, buying them and sometimes sewing them into a quilt or something else. I am born and raised in Iceland but moved from the cold but beautiful Iceland to the flat Denmark and lived there for 9 years. The family decided to move to the hot flat south Florida 5 years ago and here I am.
This is what I enjoy about the swaps.

This is what I made for Alda.

The first photos show a few extras I'm adding to her swap, I know she likes cats.
The second two photos are the pin cushion. I used Sunkissed fabric from Moda.
The next two photos are a Sewing machine apron. It's a way of keeping your sewing tools very close at hand. More Sunkissed fabric from Moda.
The last two photos are the sewing machine cover, front and back.

Read Alda's comments, she is a good swap partner.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our trip to the US border.

Friday, May 6, 2011.
Maria, Kathy and I went to the border to mail our Sewing Machine Accessories swap package, and I had a parcel for Trenton, in Utah. We had a few bumps along the way but that's what makes our trips so interesting. We checked in at the American border with our passports, everything was fine, the custom's officer came out, looked into the car and asked, "what's in the box". I told him it was a quilt, a 911 quilt. He picked it up and said it felt heavy for a quilt. He said he'd wrap it up again, and for us to pull over to the side and come in. When the 3 of us walked in, the custom officer was looking in the box at the quilt and the few chocolates I had put in. I asked him if he wanted to see the quilt. Every one in the building, including a young woman, came to look at it. Maria and I tried to hold it up but we were to short, the tall officer held it, and another officer took photos of the quilt. I folded the quilt but it wouldn't fit back in the box. Maria and I finally got it in. The officer didn't rewrap the parcel, Maria did, although they did give me the tape and scissors.
I've gone to the border many time with my sister to mail parcels to the States, this is the first time they stopped me. Next time I'll take Bill for the ride and I'll leave the parcel open. I forgot the lovely lady at Grand Portage Post Office would have wrapped it up. The reason I like to mail my parcels from the border is the package can be tracked and I mail it on Friday and it gets to it's destination on Monday. I mailed the Olympic quilts to Al in Calgary, on Monday, May 2, 2011, he may get it today.

2008 Trenton Christopher Maki and my scrapbook page of his 911 quilt.

Trenton today.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God has always blessed me.

My Dear friend Crystal.

Crystal and Kay packed 3 suitcases and came from Grand Marais, Mn to our Quilt show in Thunder Bay. She brought beautiful quilts she designed, and many other things, including interesting fabrics. It's always fun to see and talk to Crystal.

I received a wonderful gift.

Years ago Crystal introduced me to Printed Treasures, from that time on, every time I went to see Nicole and Chris, Nicole made sure I bought more.
It is, Quick and Easy, Superior Washability, Paper-like Print Quality, 200 Thread Count Prima Cotton.
It is ideal for printing photos, images, or designs of any type. September 2004, I made a photo quilt for Bill, it's on his bed and he always has it on him or beside him when he's resting. I print the photos and labels from my Epson Stylus CX7000F. This is a wonderful product, the pictures turn out so well and the paper on the back peels off easily.
A few months ago I bought a package from Fabricland. I was so disappointed because the paper wouldn't peel off, most of it stuck to the cotton. I was more concerned about the wasted ink than I was about Printed Treasures cotton sheets. Laura, the manager of Fabricland was very kind, she phoned head office and they replaced the package of Printed Treasures from a new shipment and gave me a gift certificate. Sad to say that package didn't work either. I went back to Fabricland because I wanted this product to work, I love using it. Laura talked to Valerie from Prym Dritz, Canada. For all the years they have been selling this product, they had only one other complaint. For my troubles they send me a gift box full of wonderful quilting accessories and a package of 50 Printed Treasures sheets. To say I was surprised is an under statement, but I'm so grateful to Valerie and Prym. The best part of this story is, the paper backing quickly and successfully peels off the cotton. Now I came make beautiful labels again. Here is everything I got.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thunder Bay Quilters' Guild 30th Anniversary Banquet.

April 30, 2011.

Wendy pick up Marlene, Diana and me and took us to the banquet. What a blessing that was, it was dark and rainy out but there was a very good turn out. The food was fantastic, and in between there were many draws. Our guest speaker was Paulette Eccleston, describes as a "tireless Crusader" for the art of quilting, she is a distinguished quilter, teacher, designer, reviewer, author and collector. We were lucky to have her. She showed us her quilt tops, and they were amazing. We all had a great evening. Cindy did a wonderful job coordinating the whole quilt show with the help of some volunteers. Wendy and Marlene sat one table, Diana and I at another. When we sat in Wendy's car to leave, we realized the four of us all won a prize, in fact Marlene won two prizes, she won the door prize.

My prize was a digital camera key chain and a photo album. We all got a gift from the guild and from Luci. She gave us a spool of her favourite thread, Tre Stell Filato from Milano, Italy, a piece of beautiful fabric and 10% discount.

Getting read to eat.

Our Table.

We all enjoyed seeing Paulette Eccleston's quilt tops.

Our Featured Quilter

Helen, LeeAnn and Maria.

Helen Knights is our oldest member, who at 99 years is still very active in our Guild. She is a talented artisan in many disciplines. Helen is still driving her own car, and we all love her dearly. Here is some of her work.

Quilts from the Thunder Bay Quilt Show

Our Thunder Bay Quilters Guild Logo.

Maria's quilts.

Wendy's quilts or her longarm quilting on Alva's quilts.

Alva's paper pieced quilt.

Maria made this jacket for her grand daughter, Lily.

Heather was impressed with Maria's jacket, she pieced and quilted the blocks and had Maria make one for her grand son, Preston. It was well received at the Quilt Show.