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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brayden's New Quilt.

Brayden modeling his new quilt.

Five years ago Nicole introduced me to Skull fabrics. We visited our family in Calgary last fall and our 6 year old great-grandson Brady wanted me to make him a quilt using Skull fabrics. Now 5 years later, I'm done with the Skulls. I joined Aunt Pitty Pat's Halloween 13 blocks swap, I chose a square in a square quilt pattern using Skull fabrics. I had two blocks left over so I made a tote bag. I will post a photo later. The last item I made with the skull fabrics was a quilt for Brayden. I designed a pattern where I could use large pieces. I made fabric with the small scraps. Last Friday I mailed the quilt to Brayden along with Canadian chocolates and all the left over Skull fabrics I had. The word "SKULL" is not longer in my vocabulary, I hope. lol
Bill suggested I use orange for the sashing, I bought two meters at Luci's new quilt store. I purchased the black with orange dots last fall, the price was much better, Halloween was over.
If you look closely on the right hand side of the quilt you will see pictures of Chris as a baby and as a Grade 12 graduate. Below his picture is a photo of Chris, his boys and their dog. I always have an American flag behind the the frame.

My Quilt Group

12 members of our quilt group who meet for two days once a month decided to do a birthday block project. Each individual chooses the colour and fabrics they want in their block.
Here are a few of the blocks I made.

Yesterday while Bill and I were driving home we had to stop for this transport trailer. It is brought to Thunder Bay by ship and the transferred to Alberta by truck and trailer. This is only part of the load.

Isabel's Grandson' Quilt.

Isabel is going to be a Grandma again soon, her son Chris and his wife are expecting their second child, a baby boy. Isabel asked me if I would make a quilt for him.
The pattern was in the magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Quilts&more, May 2005. It is called "set sail crib quilt".
Tiny toy boats stitched from left over fabrics from Dawn and Al's Olympic Quilts, a sweet quilt perfect for a baby boy. Designer: Darlene Zimmerman. The beautiful quilting was done by Wendy Currie. She's the best.
I was glad to hear Chris and his wife loved the quilt.

Jacob's Ladder.

I made this quilt sometime ago as the date on the label indicates. The quilt name is "Jacob's Ladder". I met Kathy in 2001, as a new neighbour, she was employed by Heart and Stroke Organization, lecturing all across Canada. A while later Kathy developed a serious health issue and had to quit her job to spend considerable time in the hospital. I made a quilt with a biblical theme to help her during her difficult time. Last week I saw Kathy, she was so ecstatic to see. She was taking care of a friend's dog, unaware that the dog had chewed her quilt. Kathy was heartbroken, she couldn't find any one to repair it. She just took it for granted I could repair it.
Kathy told me "I still take my quilt to the hospital, I love this quilt, no one ever gave or made anything for me".
I asked Maria how she would repair this quilt and she agreed with me, all you can do is applique something on the area that has a hole. The back was difficult to repair, I placed some batting, than fabric on the 2 major holes and used a zig zag stitch all around. The front was a bit easier, I cut out a big heart and applique it. It was not the best but it was all I could do.
Kathy wasn't home when I dropped it off so, I asked Diana to bring it to her. I hope she like it.

A card I received from Carol in CT.

The last two week in June, Canada had a Postal Carries strike, which ended when they were official ordered back to work by the Government. The first two days after the strike, I received a flyer from Canadian Tire, a Canadian hardware store. I posted this important information on Facebook. Carol my mug rug swap partner felt sorry for me and sent me this beautiful card with kind words. She wanted me to get something more interesting in the mail.
I have been blessed with wonderful quilt swap partners.

Two Special Days in June.

Laila, Bill's sister and her husband Mauri Koski celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 10, 2011.
They had a small family celebration, good food and what a great cake.

Chris and Nicole sent Bill his Father's Day gift to the US Border. Upon returning to Canada, the Custom Officer asked me what was in the wrapped package. I informed him "I had no idea", so he told me to pull over and come inside. Another Custom officer apologized for having to tear the wrapping off the box. When she saw the cup she said ""you have to know what's in your car, next time ask your son, what are you sending?" Bill had no idea what he was getting until he opened the box on Father's Day. Bill was happy to find two cups with photos of Chris and his wonderful family. Bill put the cups on his dresser so he can look at them at bedtime.

Chris and Nicole's three boys, who could ask for more. God blessed us with wonderful grandchildren. Left to right, Brayden 12 yrs, Avery 13 yrs. Trenton 15 yrs.

I'm saying good bye to my Pfaff 2054 upgraded to 2056. The only problem I have ever had with this machine is the light bulb. I had it replaced at the local Pfaff dealer. I have no idea what happened but the light bulb rests against the plastic cover and the heat for the light bulb melted it, both in the front and at the side. This spring, I paid $23.00 for a new cover and now it’s beginning to melt, plus the light won’t go on when I turn the machine on. I put my finger under the cover to touch the light bulb to make it come on. My biggest disappointment is, there's nowhere to lodge a complaint about this problem. Pfaff has no email or phone address, just your local Pfaff dealer, how good is that. I found one address for Pfaff in Montreal, so I sent a letter to hoping I would hear from them, but I'm still waiting. This is very sad because it is a good sewing machine. I'm giving it to my sister.
I have been told the light in the new models has been changed, it is attached to a bracket whereas mine is suspended. For that reason my old light couldn't be replaced with a new one.