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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brayden's New Quilt.

Brayden modeling his new quilt.

Five years ago Nicole introduced me to Skull fabrics. We visited our family in Calgary last fall and our 6 year old great-grandson Brady wanted me to make him a quilt using Skull fabrics. Now 5 years later, I'm done with the Skulls. I joined Aunt Pitty Pat's Halloween 13 blocks swap, I chose a square in a square quilt pattern using Skull fabrics. I had two blocks left over so I made a tote bag. I will post a photo later. The last item I made with the skull fabrics was a quilt for Brayden. I designed a pattern where I could use large pieces. I made fabric with the small scraps. Last Friday I mailed the quilt to Brayden along with Canadian chocolates and all the left over Skull fabrics I had. The word "SKULL" is not longer in my vocabulary, I hope. lol
Bill suggested I use orange for the sashing, I bought two meters at Luci's new quilt store. I purchased the black with orange dots last fall, the price was much better, Halloween was over.
If you look closely on the right hand side of the quilt you will see pictures of Chris as a baby and as a Grade 12 graduate. Below his picture is a photo of Chris, his boys and their dog. I always have an American flag behind the the frame.

My Quilt Group

12 members of our quilt group who meet for two days once a month decided to do a birthday block project. Each individual chooses the colour and fabrics they want in their block.
Here are a few of the blocks I made.

Yesterday while Bill and I were driving home we had to stop for this transport trailer. It is brought to Thunder Bay by ship and the transferred to Alberta by truck and trailer. This is only part of the load.


  1. The skull quilt is Awesome! My son Loved it!

    Your quilts are so Beautiful..I'm so jealous of your talent:)

    I wish we lived closer..I could help you with your blog & you could help me with quilting..I would definitely be getting More in that deal!