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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God has always blessed me.

My Dear friend Crystal.

Crystal and Kay packed 3 suitcases and came from Grand Marais, Mn to our Quilt show in Thunder Bay. She brought beautiful quilts she designed, and many other things, including interesting fabrics. It's always fun to see and talk to Crystal.

I received a wonderful gift.

Years ago Crystal introduced me to Printed Treasures, from that time on, every time I went to see Nicole and Chris, Nicole made sure I bought more.
It is, Quick and Easy, Superior Washability, Paper-like Print Quality, 200 Thread Count Prima Cotton.
It is ideal for printing photos, images, or designs of any type. September 2004, I made a photo quilt for Bill, it's on his bed and he always has it on him or beside him when he's resting. I print the photos and labels from my Epson Stylus CX7000F. This is a wonderful product, the pictures turn out so well and the paper on the back peels off easily.
A few months ago I bought a package from Fabricland. I was so disappointed because the paper wouldn't peel off, most of it stuck to the cotton. I was more concerned about the wasted ink than I was about Printed Treasures cotton sheets. Laura, the manager of Fabricland was very kind, she phoned head office and they replaced the package of Printed Treasures from a new shipment and gave me a gift certificate. Sad to say that package didn't work either. I went back to Fabricland because I wanted this product to work, I love using it. Laura talked to Valerie from Prym Dritz, Canada. For all the years they have been selling this product, they had only one other complaint. For my troubles they send me a gift box full of wonderful quilting accessories and a package of 50 Printed Treasures sheets. To say I was surprised is an under statement, but I'm so grateful to Valerie and Prym. The best part of this story is, the paper backing quickly and successfully peels off the cotton. Now I came make beautiful labels again. Here is everything I got.

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  1. Wow that is great customer service. You can always understand manufacturing issues as long as they stand by their product and make it right. I bought some Fabric Sheets from SoftScrap at the past 2 quilt shows I have seen them at, and am chomping at the bit to use them. Hope they work well.