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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Laura Secord Chocolates.

In 1913 Frank P. O’Connor began a small, Toronto-based candy business selling hand-made chocolates. He adopted the name Laura Secord, after the Canadian heroine because she was an icon of courage, devotion and loyalty.

Laura Secord started as a single shop on Yonge Street in Toronto. O’Connor turned the flat above the shop into a kitchen and prepared his own products. Success prompted the company’s expansion across Ontario and Quebec and in the 1930’s an office was opened in Winnipeg and drugstore agencies were appointed as Laura Secord outlets, or service shops.

By 1950, there were 96 shops in Ontario and Quebec, and Laura Secord candy was a well-established family tradition. Starting in the late sixties, Laura Secord underwent a series of ownership changes and is currently owned by Jean and Jacques Leclerc, two Quebec businessmen.

Currently with over 130 company-owned stores across the country, Laura Secord is Canada’s largest and best known chocolatier, selling premium chocolates, ice cream and other types of candies. With more than 400 products, Laura Secord still follows the time-honoured recipes and dedication to quality and excellent customer service as when the company first started. Every product carries an unconditional guarantee for quality.

Due to shortage after World War II, Laura Secord Chocolate went on sale once a week, Saturday morning. People would line up in front of the drug store waiting to get in just to buy one box of the delicious chocolates. I know this because, as a teenager I worked at the only drug store that sold Laura Secord chocolates. When you get Laura Secord Chocolates, you know you got the best.

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