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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Personal Information.

I want to start with a little family information.

My husband Bill and I, and both of our sons were born and raised in Thunder Bay, On, Canada. Bill had a stroke Jan 31, 2008, while talking on the phone to our son Chris on his 39th birthday. Since that time Bill has had a few more TIA, (small strokes). He has lost some of his balance, has bad pains in his legs and moves very slow, BUT, he is functional and can take care of himself. We are retired so my job is to take care of all the other things.

My son Al lives with his wife Jeanne, 3 children and 1 grandson in Western Canada.
Chris, Principal Software Engineer at Overstock, his wife Nicole, born in Barrier, BC, Canada, and their 3 sons live in Draper, Utah, up in the mountains. Nicole is a very gifted crafter. Nicole’s blog,

1997 Sarah, a friend of Nicole’s, made a quilt, “Star light, Star bright” for new born Avery Maki. It took her two days to make it. 1999 while the US Maki’s were living in Renton, Wa, Nicole asked me to make a quilt for Avery, his was all worn out. I came home and took a six week course at Patchworks, a quilt shop in Thunder Bay.
Nicole is a fabulous scrap booker. 1999 I started quilting and scrap-booking all my quilts. I’m too old to start scrap-booking my family photos, the kids can do that now. lol

I will try to post some of my old projects.

Maria and Karen rent the basement of an 100 year old church, and started a club for about 25 quilters. We meet once a month for two days, Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 10:00pm. I enjoy this time with my friends.

Maria introduced me to Blog:
I signed up for a Halloween Tote Bag Swap. I was fortunate to receive a beautiful purse from Sharon Zack who lives in Elmira, NY. I believe I got the best of that deal. The next swap was called “Mug Rug”. My partner was Joan Kawano, Denver, Co. I got her package before I sent mine out, I received a wonderful big coffee mug and a mug rug that was done so well. I loved everything I got. The box she used for my parcel was perfect so I use it for her gift. Here are her remarks.....
“ I have found that my goofy egg boxes are perfect for mailing, in just about every swap I have participated in. :-)
Glad you could reuse it too. Now that's going green 2 times over isn't it!  :-)  :-) Joan.”
How can you not love her!!!! I now have a good internet friend with a great blog.

I sent out my next swap, 4 fat quarters, something I personally made. I will post them when I receive mine from Robin Maughan, Logandale, Nv.

Take care everyone.

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  1. I am blushing, but very proud to have stumbled onto such a wonderful internet friend too! For those who haven't swapped with Betty, she is fabulous and you will treasure what she and her talented family does!