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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog by Joan my Mug Rug swap partner.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Mug Rugs

I have to share with you the wonderful mug rug I received in the mail from Betty. She was my partner in Aunt Polly's Porch mug rug swap. Can you believe what a wonderful package she sent to me? The adorable mug rug, and great stainless steel mug, hot chocolate, and candy! Only to top it off with ribbon and ric-rac thread and buttons. Whew, I am so lucky. Betty comes from quite a line of talent too. Her husband does wonderful cartoon drawings, one of which she put on the back of the recipe's we swapped, and her daughter in law is quite the accomplished scrapbooker and paper artist. I am lucky to have one of her cards too. If you want to see some inspiration that is over the moon great, check out her blog at Betty shared a delicious sounding recipe for Shortbread cookies. I will be giving them a try very soon. As for you Betty, words can't thank you enough. Your the best.

I have to confess, in my rush to thank Betty, I told her how delighted I was with the little watering can on the mug rug????? The next day while enjoying my coffee on my new "rug" it dawned on me. Watering can???? It's a coffee cup. So I had to write an apology letter. I have to wonder some times about myself. Is it my rush to thank someone, my old mind going, or just that I'm a big ole goober! Whatever the case, Betty I love my rug. Thank you so much, for being so forgiving! And I am delighted to have a new Internet friend from this swap.

I can now share the little package that I sent to Betty.

In keeping with the theme of things, you can see that I put a cute little Elephant on her mug rug! LOL!!! Geesh, I hope that my mind doesn't get any worse with my age! :-)

This is the one Joan sent me.

I was blessed to have such a wonderful swap partner.
I loved everything she sent me.
Thanks Joan, so glad to know you.


  1. I can promise that I got the best end of this deal, and the Chocolates, BIG :-) they are gone and surely have gone straight to my hips but it's all good! Your little mug rug brings a smile to my face each morning when I am drinking my coffee! I used the ric rac you sent on a mug rug this week too.