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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Dress I Made.

I posted this dress a while back but I accidentally posted the full name of the owner, so I removed it.

Years ago Kathy and I took a sewing course, "Stretch and Sew by Jan Taylor".
The dress fabric and ribbing was 100% polyester.
You sew the white neck ribbing to the top of the dress, then you stretch the ribbing while you sew with coloured thread along the top folded edge. This gives you the wavy look.
I like learning new things, and that's the reason I took this course.
I didn't have any girls so I gave it to my friend Isabel, she had two daughters. After the girls out grew the dress, she gave them to our other friend "H".
The young lady in this photo is 42 years old today.

I'm publishing the photo again because it's one of my favourite sewing projects.

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