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Monday, October 24, 2011

I am blessed

My Aunt Pitt Pat's Swap.

Our son Al went home on Monday, so we decided instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves we would go to the border on Tuesday to mail three parcels to the States. One to our son and his family in Utah, we send Canadian cookies and chocolates, one to Cathy, my Halloween swap partner from Aunt Pitty Pat's blog, and one to Laura, another swap partner from the past. The American Custom officers just shake their heads when they check the back seat of my car.

Here are parts of Cathy and Laura's blog.

My Halloween swap for Cathy.

Then when I got home from work my swap package from Betty in Canada was here. I think our packages must have crossed in the air. It was so cute and I have swapped out my tote for this most lovely of totes. You can see all the other presents that were included. I did forget to include the handmade card in the picture. I was doing really well though clearing out a spot on the dining room table for a photo. I always do a good job of hiding my pile of stuff in pics.

Laura's Gift.

I believe that God knows when we Need a friend to come into Our lives & become Our Rainbow in the storm of life!
This past year I have been Blessed with a New Internet Friend, Betty!
We were originally paired together in Aunt Pitty Pats Swap...
We are very Far apart in miles.. but I feel very close to her despite those miles that seperate us!
We have since continued Our friendship & every once in awhile.. We send each other little packages.. just because!
Its Amazing that Betty's packages always seem to arrive perfectly scheduled & remind me that I have a special friend
thinking of me:)

I just talked with Betty the other day & she mentioned that her & her husband had taken a little trip to the border...
That little rascal failed to mention she had put something in the mail for me at the border...
Today I received a Halloween package. Guess what I got? Not 1 but 2 Quilted Mug Rugs WooWoo! a Pretty Fall card, & Chocolate!
Not just Any chocolate...My New addiction (thanks to Betty) Canadian "Smarties" Oh my! They are Soooo yummy.. Kinda like M & M's but yummier:) the Chocolate isn't as bitter as M & M's.
I hope she knows she has Created a Monster!

Thanks Cathy and Laura.

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