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Sunday, May 6, 2012

It seems like the weeks have sped by on me. I haven’t posted in the last two months, I should have many things to blog about, but my dear husband has been the main focus of my life as of late. I have never really wanted to be a responsible adult, but now I have no choice. We still makes our daily visits to McDonalds at Walmart. Everyday our circle of friends keeps growing, but that’s what makes Bill’s life more rewarding. Dr. Dhurjon, an Ophthalmologist, ordered a Ultrasound on Bill’s carotid artery, plus an Fluorescein Angiography and Retinal O.C.T. for May 4, 2012 at our local hospital. We will get the results on Monday. In the recent past I started making bags, aprons and mug rugs. I enjoy signing up for Aunt Pity Pat’s Mug Rug Swaps, they are always so interesting, as Forest Gump said, “... you never know what you’re going to git”. Bags, and other small items are fun to make and they aren’t time consuming. My latest Spring Mug Rug Swap was for Sharina in Australia.
My Spring Mug Rug I received from Sharina. Now I can honestly say I have a friend in Australia, and she has a friend in Canada.
The last few weeks Bill has spent most of his time sleeping, so I put my quiet time to good use. I have far too much fabric in my stash, so I decided to give some away and to make some kits. I started with the two packages of charms, one layer cake and two patterns I received from my sweet Nicole for my birthday and Christmas. Heather also gave me fabrics for my birthday. I cut three kits. I had a long “to do list” for many years, so I decided to attack this list with vengeance and get some of the quilts done. Last month I made a quilt for my friend Bill Nelson, my great nephew Teddy McDonald, my grand daughter Kate Maki. I’m working on a pattern for Kate’s sister Jenna, my other grand daughter. I will post the quilts as their owners receive them. I hope the quilts make everyone happy, it’s been my pleasure.
Bill Nelson's Dog and Cat Quilt. Simply Smashing Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Spring 2012 Designer - Janet Houts Owner Bill Nelson For years I’ve had three different ten inch strips of fabrics, two with cats, one with dogs. I kept them in my stash because I didn’t want to part with them. One fabric had aristocratic cats, the cats are lying on their backs on a velvet heart shaped pillow, the other cats were very scurfy looking, great contrast. The third fabric had a variety of beautiful dogs with the name of their breed. I was able to make a charm pack with these fabrics. I’m constantly looking at quilt magazines while I’m at Walmart McDonalds, having coffee with Bill. I came across the pattern Simply Smashing, designed by Janet Houts, I bought the magazine. I altered the pattern slightly, because my charm pack was a different size than the one used by Janet. I used fabrics from my stash, some came from The Circle of Friends and a few from Fabricland. I quilted the top using Superior Mono Poly clear thread on my new Janome Horzion 7700, but I still ran into trouble with the thread breaking. I am grateful to Heather for finishing my quilting.

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