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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teddy McDonald, Racing Cars. June 6, 2012

My Dad and his first wife Margaret, had 6 children but only three survived. Theresa, she moved her family to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jack, stayed in Fort William, Ontario, and William Harold, who died during the invasion of France, June 6, 1944. Margaret passed away October 1925. My dad married my mom Barbara in 1934. Life got in the way and dad’s first family never really got to know us. By the time we found my dad’s last remaining family, two grandson from his first marriage it was too late to have a family relationship. Ted the youngest had a stroke, Jack the oldest is living in British Columbia, but Jack and I do keep in touch with emails. Ted had two children Teddy who lives here in Thunder Bay, and his sister Kellly who lives in Southern Ontario. My sister Monica and I met Teddy at his father’s funeral, March 2009, in Fort Francis, Ontario. Teddy, Bill and I have met for coffee a few times. It is so interesting being with him, his late mom was a good school friend of Bill's. He looks like a McDonald but he's his mother's son. Teddy loves racing cars so a while back when I saw these fabrics I knew I would make a quilt for him. He can share it with his two children, son Bristol and daughter He now has a caring Great Aunt, me, and I couldn’t ask for a better Great Nephew. Today Wednesday June 6th was a perfect day for Teddy to receive his quilt. It is 68 years since the death of William Harold McDonald, (Bill) and the 31st year since the pasting of Teddy's mom Francis, both are gone but not forgotten. This is Teddy's quilt.

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