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Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer of 2012.

This summer Bill and I experienced some good and some bad times. My trip to Utah was postponed but I did manager to get there in July. Most of Bill’s health issues have been dealt with to the point where life is still enjoyable and interesting, which meant I spent most of my time taking care of Bill and his appointments. This summer I've tried to use up all the fabrics I received as gifts last year, into quilts 

My flight to Salt Lake City, by Air Canada and United Airlines was a tiring 17 hour ordeal, I was to spend 9 hours waiting in Winnipeg for my connecting flights. Fortunately for me my niece, Betty Ann, whom I was named after, picked me up, took me to her condo and then to her son, Bill's place, This was an unexpected pleasant surprise. I had a wonderful dinner cooked by Bill and surrounded by his loving family. 

The time I spent in Draper, Ut and the surrounding area was more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Nicole was sick just before I got there so the plan was to spend my ten days just with the family in their home. Things turned out quite differently. I walked downtown Salt Lake City in 100 degree heat, all up hill, with no shade anywhere. I asked Nicole, "Have I walked a mile yet?' her answer was, "no maybe a quarter of a miIe," I thought I would die. I guess I was so exhausted I stumbled off the curb. Cars coming and going and no one hit me. Nicole and my grandkids were more concerned than I was. Thank goodness we were going to the movies to see "The Black Knight Returns" I had a chance to recuperate. That afternoon Chris had a BBQ appreciation day for his staff, later we met him in the lobby of the theater after the movie was over. Saturday we went to Park City street fair where they sold everything you can think of, except quilting fabrics.  Next stop was the Kennecott Utah Copper’s Bingham Canyon Mines. The History and the site was very interesting.

I was fortunate to be able to watch my two grandsons Avery, Brayden, and Chris swim. Chris swam for 20 minutes nonstop. I am so proud of him. Trenton is working hard on making code for the computer.

Chris and Nicole took me to many places and fabulous restaurants. The only food I didn't like was the true East India food. Thanks Chris, Nicole and boys for a wonderful holiday. 

While I was gone Heather’s husband Andy got my car ready for resale. The day I got home he put it up for sale on Kijiji, it sold that night. I’m so blessed. Thanks Andy.

RIP dear friends, Barry and Alma. 


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