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Monday, February 11, 2013

For  Sunday,  Februay 17, 2013.

"The expression was about aging and how you reach a point in time when life stops giving you things and starts taking them away."

A wonderful quote from my son Allan.

It's been three months since the passing of my dear husband Bill Maki and I still miss him so much. I'm attending one-on-one grief counselling with the Rev. Hugh Walker, a very kind and gentle man. I realize I'm not the first person to feel so sad after losing someone close, and I myself have been guilty of saying, "Sorry for your loss," and never fully understanding the pain. In the last few years I have lost my mom, my mother-in-law and my nephew Tom, But somehow this feels so different.

November 12, 2012 - My sister was in the hospital and had a hip replacement just five days before Bill's death. Complications set in and I ended up helping her. After three trips to the hospital, the doctors eventually found out Monica had a heart attack and did an coronary angioplasty. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe He's allowing me look after my sister so I will have something to take my mind off Bill.

I'm blessed with some of the best quilters in the whole world. They are always there for me. It is difficutl for me to quilt because Bill was such a big help, but I am trying. Last week-end I finished piecing two quilt tops. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Life, it seems, is still giving me things.


  1. Know we are all sending our best wishes and love to you every day!

  2. Thank you Joan, I appreciate your kind words.