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Friday, July 4, 2014

Still trying to catch up on my old projects.

        July 4, 2014

Four years ago, a friend who works at 
Superstore gave me her work shirts. I cut
them up, put in a bag, put them away for 
another day. June 16, 2014, I dug them 
out. I had four 9 1/2” x 12’ and all the rest 
were 5 inch squares. Fortunately every 
fabric I needed was in my old stash. The 
shirt fabrics were knit, polyester, vinyl 
decals, and my cotton. I had no idea 
how this would turn out, I didn’t have a 
pattern. I did the math, put the pieces on 
the floor, moved them around, this is the
final result. 

The Fabrics. Red and white from Circle of 
Friends. Black from The Quilters Stash, a 
Christmas gift from Matthew Holmwood, 
and the light grey Fairy Frost. Fusible 
stabilizer, backing and the moss green 
sashing came from Fabricland. This is a 
Thunder Bay Quilt. 

The new colours for The Real Canadian 
Superstore are white and light blue. This 
quilt took two weeks to complete. I enjoyed 
making it because it was challenge.

I like the children's charity block. I couldn't sew on the vinyl, the colour was rubbing off.

For you, my dear friend Denise. Love you,

                                 June 2014        Baby Isbel's Quilt

February I bought a panel for a baby quilt. I had planned to practice free motion quilting, but the ‘A’ board blew in my Janome Horizon machine. I was making this for Isabel Hawryluk’s grand daughter, Isabel, and she was getting old fast. So here is what I did. First, I made a quilt sandwich, using spray adhesive to baste the layers together. Next I quilted on the grid, following the lines I made with chalk and a ruler.I made a pillow case with the left over fabrics. When I was finished it was one on the few times I didn’t have any fabrics left over. This quilt is for Grandma to have at her house when Little Isabel comes to visit.

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