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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

September to December 2014.

I can’t believe it has been months since I last posted! How did the time go so fast. Once upon a time I thought I could keep up with my blog. That sure was silly, wasn’t it? I’m so far behind that I’m not sure there’s really any chance to “catch up” so rather than feeling completely overwhelmed, I’m just going to start and see where it goes.
We had a decent fall but I’m so done with winter! We didn’t get a great amount of snow but we’ve had bitter cold temperatures for weeks.

Oct 1st. I saw 'cats and dogs' fabrics at Fabricland and immediately fell in love with them. I gave this "Snapshot Quilt" to Karen Miller for her grandson. Earlier I made one for her but one of her twin grandsons wanted it so I decided this was a good one for the other boy.

Oct 8th,  I received a wonderful unexpected gift from my two boys. A trip to Calgary for a visit with Al and his family, then on to Portland, OR for a visit with Chris and his family. What more could a mother want for her 80th birthday than time to spend with her kids. Thank you, Al, Jeanne, Chris and Nicole. Love you
Oct 9th, it’s a perfect week, I got my drivers licence for another 2 years, and I was the youngest one in the room. That's a big change. lol

Oct. A dear friend passed away so I made a memory quilt for her son Jon. Quilting by Wendy Currie.

Peta, Kathy, Jon, Danica.

Oct 19th, Allan Maki, The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake occurred in northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, October 17 at 5:04 p.m.PST, - 8:04 pm, EST. Al you were there. It's hard to believe it was 25 years ago. Happy you survived the ordeal. love you.

Oct 29th, I spent a week in Calgary with my Allan. We had fun. 

Nov 4th, I spent 10 days with Chris and his family in Oregon. Chris and I in the quilt shop, “Quilter’s Corner.”
For my 80th Birthday in Oregon.

 Brayden, Chris, Nicole and I went to a Hockey game.

Brayden and the cheerleaders. He is so handsome.

I helped Nicole sandwich her quilt.

Nicole made a beautiful birthday cake for me.  Chris and Nicole took me to many quilt shops for two days.  Love them with all my heart.

Dec. 16th, Verna, my neighbour, my friend, gave me a dress her mom made for her and ask me to make a bag. 

From Verna. I got the best gift EVER! The dress Mom had made me is now a purse! Thank you Betty. Means so much to me xo 

Nov 25th. For my birthday The Oregon Maki’s sent me -  Fat Quarters Jolly Bar,
 Best. Day, Ever fabrics with “Twist & Shout” quilt pattern. The precuts were perfect, all the lines were straight, a first for me. 

I pieced two Asian quilts this summer, but they are not quilted yet. I will do one for Isabel, and Wendy will do one for me. I also have two more quits at Wendy's, one "African Dancer Girls" and another "Shadow Box. When I get them back I will post some pictures. 

A News Items that was important. Getting ready for November 11, 2014.

House of Commons sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers is seen in this Oct. 22, 2014 photo after an attacker entered parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada.

This is a cartoon that Bill would have loved, it's the best.
The actual scene of the deadly shooting.

Cpt. Nathan Cirillo, 24, seen at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, October 19, 2014.

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