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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Catching up

Testing my inactive blog to see if I still have one. It has been three years since my last post, sound like a confession to my Priest, but that doesn't mean I've been away from my sewing machine.

I am easily distracted and at times forgetful, I don't have an iPhone or iPad so I share what I have accomplished on Facebook. I use it as my journal for Scrapbooking and blogging. I've done some odd project and started some new ones. 

It has been 5 years since Bill's been gone, I still miss him, I guess I aways will. In these last few months, I've lost some very good friends. I find comfort in my sewing room, it was my bedroom, at one time, the calm of planning, cutting and sewing fabric is a great healer. 

Pam and I worked together in the meat department at Safeway. She was 20, I was 40. We have connected again, she is 62, I'm 83. Pam takes me with her for her trips to the US border. It's a fun day for us. She sew, she paints, we have many things in common. 

Last summer Maria B and I bought a Janome Canadian 150, computerized, 12 pound sewing machine from Dori. It was a good thing, the circuit board and LED light on my Horizon  8900 had to be replaced. It was still under warranty, I sent it back to Beaverton, Oregon. It was gone for two and a half months. Steve, sent my sewing machine back, well packed in a new box, to Rydens store, at the US border. The original box, my foot and cord were missing. I called and told them, Steve sent my original box to Rydens, the foot pedal and cord was sent to Canada via UPS. The two pound package travelled from Portland, Oregon, to Minneapolis, MN, - Illinois - Ohio - Detroit, US - to Concord, Ontario - Toronto -  Thunder Bay, ON. That little package have a great trip.

While my 8900 was gone I sewed some bags, mugs rugs and four tops. April 2018, after I got my 8900 machine back, I quilted the tops, added the binding. I like sewing the binding by hand, it's a relaxing time for me, that is what I'm doing now. 

I still need to get back to my other crafts that I have neglected, my blog and scrapbooking the history of all my quilts.

Tomorrow I'm going to post all the quilts I've made since 2015. 

I love my Janome Special Canadian 150.  Designed for our Canadian 150th Birthday. 

My Janome Horizon 8900

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