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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Winter of 2017

Summer of 2014, I went to Oregon to visit  my son Chris and his family. The Maki's were kind enough to take me to a few quilt stores. We went to, The Common Thread Quilt store, Portland, Oregon. I purchased a 42 pieces 10" square, (layer cake), Pearl Essence Neutrals, on sale for $29.00. The fabrics were so beautiful, I just loved them. A year later I asked Nicole if she would buy me another package, if it was still available. She bought it and sent it to me. Last spring I purchased 15 yard of White Pearl Essence, Maywood Fabrics, California,  from Luci's quilt store here in town, "Circle of Friends". 

I chose the pattern Mod Circuitry. I cut a 6 1/2" block and four strips. This was the best pattern for a 10" piece of fabric, with no waste. 

My niece Ami, has a large family, so I'm able to make many quilts for her. 

Ami picked this one for herself. I didn't use the white or cream layer cake pieces because I used white for the background, cracked grey for the back.

Rick's pick. Again I didn't use the white or cream layer cake pieces, I used Luci's Pearl Essence white fabric for the background and the same cracked grey for the back. 

This quilt was made from all the left over scraps. I used the white, cream, left over black and grey, plus black and grey, Michael Miller's Fairy Frost. I purchased the Fairy Frost fabrics from Crystal's in Grand Marais. MN about 10 years ago, I still have some left. Maria Bell         suggested I use solid yellow for the background, and more grey for the back.  I gave this one to Jennifer,  Ami & Rick's daughter. This is one way I can pay them back for all they do for me. 

Nicole posts "quilts for mom" on my Pinterest site. I saw the pattern Ombre Gems by Emily Dennis, "Quilt Love" Blog. I ordered the paper pattern. Shortly after I got the pattern in the mail, Emily post a 10 week Ombre Gem quilt along. Right now we are on week eight. I saw another pattern that would work well with my 2 1/2" strips. Quilty Beads by Emily 
" Quilt Love" This quilt is at Ami's place.

Sad news, Today I found out the Common Tread Quilt Store Closed it's door.   

Mother's Day May 13, 2018. 

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