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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

October 2010

My son Al and Dawn Walton worked together in China and Vancouver to cover the Olympics. This summer Dawn had a little girl. Al asked me to make a quilt for her. The main fabric featured animals on Noah's Ark.

Skull and Roses.

Pattern: Snapshot. Design By: Kari Nichols, Mountain Peek Creations, Centennial, Co.

A few years ago while visiting my son Chris, and his family in Utah, I found Alexander Henry’s fabric, skulls and red roses. September 2010, I visited my son Al. When I’m in Calgary, Al takes me to my favourite fabric shop, “My Sewing Room”. This time we took my great-grandson, 5 year old Brady, with us. He was allowed to pick out the fabrics he wanted. His choice, the small clusters of skulls and red roses, and Headgear's flames - red and orange fabric for the borders. I checked out all the patterns, I bought “Snapshot” because I could use large blocks so you can see more of the fabric pattern. I sent it out in the mail and he got it for Halloween.

Summer of 2009

My dad married my mom 9 years after his first wife passed away. My brother, sister and I always knew who dad's first family members were, but dad's grand children didn't know we existed. In the spring of 2009 my dad's Great grand daughter Nancy, found my sister Monica, through Summer of 2009 my neice Betty Ann and her daughter Nancy came to Thunder Bay to meet us and to check out Betty Ann and her husband's old homestead. I made this quilt for my Great-grand neice Madison, she is so beautiful, you can't help but love her.

Madison's Christmas photo. I love her.

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  1. Very cute Betty. Did you know that I live about 40 minutes from Mountain Peak Creations? The shop is Holly's Quilt Cabin, and it's a great quilt shop.