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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010

My beautiful son Chris lost 22 pounds. I'm so happy he's taking care of himself for his wife and sons sake. They all need a heathy man to take care of them.

Today's weather in Sarnia, and most of Southern Ontario.

Unusally severe storm. We were missed again. So far we have been lucky.

Quote from the Globe and Mail.

Some 300 people were originally estimated to be stranded on Highway 402 when drifting snow and zero visibility left drivers with no option Monday but to hunker down in their vehicles. It was the only shelter available to guard against the bone-chilling night as they awaited help overnight.
Police haven't yet had the chance to check other, smaller roads, where more vehicles may have been trapped, but believed that people in those areas had likely trekked to nearby farmhouses.
"We're continuing to physically check all the vehicles on the 402," said Ontario Provincial Police Constable Dennis Harwood. "Once we're finished out there, the idea is to go to the other secondary roads and see who's on them.

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