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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And How Was Your Day?

Another Christmas has come and gone and we are now in the New Year. It’s time for a change and maybe a fresh start.
Thursday before the New Year, the weather was like spring, it was actually raining, but as the day went by it got colder. Friday, December 31, 2010, I went out to my car only to find it sealed in ice, I couldn’t even get the door open. Two hours later with the help of Ralph,(a good neigbour) windshield fluid and some de-icer I finally got the door open, five windows cleaned, and one left undone.
My plans for New Year’s afternoon, was to scrapbook and blog. Later in the day, being a true Canadian, I was going to watch the NHL outdoor hockey game played in Washington, DC, the Capitals and Penguin in the Winter Classic.
A few years ago Bill and I sold our home where we lived and raised two boys for 50 years. The upkeep was just too hard for us, we live in the North. We chose to rent instead of buying a condo. I did the math and with no children living here it was the best way to go. The apartment we have has four storage rooms. I use one for my cutting room, it’s 42” x 85”. We put up shelves on two walls for my quilting books and stuff, plus Bill’s many political cartoon and sport books. Saturday afternoon as I was taking down one of my scrapbooks off the top shelf, the rest of the books came crashing down. The wall-brackets holding the shelves had come away from the wall. I had to remove everything and put it all in my bedroom. The worse was my soft covered novels all 150 or more spread all over the floor. Bill said, “if you live another 100 years you will never read them all, you should get rid of them”. It was a sad moment, I love books, but I did the right thing, I put them in the library in our building, I can always go back and get them.
I missed most of the hockey game. It wasn’t a winter game, it was raining out, and quote from the Globe and Mail. “As a game, it was certainly not one for the ages – and barely one for the new decade. Nor was it even remotely the hoped-for mano a mano challenge match between Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby and Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin. Neither superstar figured in the scoring.”
Sunday my niece came over and fixed the problem, this time she used plugs to screw the wall-brackets in. It took her two hours to fix the problem and it took me two hours to put my books back.

Here is what the wall looked like when we removed the shelves.

View of the opposite side, selves still in place.

My bedroom filling up with some of my things from the cutting room.

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  1. Betty I'm sure glad those books crashing down didn't hurt you! I think I have enough quilting ideas and patterns to keep me going for 150 years myself..