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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chris and Nicole are now Americans.

This is a very good week. On Thursday Jan 13th, our son Chris and his wife Nicole became American citizens.
Now all five of the "Utah Maki's" are Americans.

From Nicole

"It was such an inspiring sort of day. I loved all the pomp and ceremony and the stories told by the new citizens were so moving. It is such a privilege to have our American citizenship and to be able to retain our Canadian citizenship as well. We're very blessed. I think it would do a lot of good to have average people sit in on these ceremonies as it really brings to focus what is right and special about this country. The media is so polarizing, but moments like these are beautiful acts of inclusion, acceptance and hope for the future."

I'm so happy for them.

At their Citizenship Ceremony

Waiting for the proceedings to begin. We received flags, voter registration and much more in our packets.

Nicole loves her new self made scarf.
I agree with her, looks great.

Families of new citizens were invited on stage to take pictures while we took our oath. Our boys didn't make it. They were squished in a door at the right.

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