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Sunday, January 16, 2011

We Finally Got Some Snow.

This is where I live.

Thursday, January 13th, every state in the USA had snow except Florida. I wanted to say, "welcome to Canada" but we really haven't had much snow this winter season. It snowed Thursday and Friday, now the children will have fun playing in the snow. When the temperature is mild, winter is a beautiful season. Walking in fresh fallen snow is delightful. We who live in the North are accustom to the quirks of nature, so we have no trouble driving, only icy roads are a problem. In Thunder Bay they use salt and sand on the streets so in a day or two the sun comes out and the streets are clear again. The good thing that occurs when it snows, the temperature rises.

Clark with the help of his wife, Linda built a beautiful cedar log home. I made a Thimbleberries quilt for her which went well with their home decor. I also crochet the tablecloth on her table. This week they invited us out for lunch. Home made soup and sandwiches tasted so good.

Bill and Clark.

On January 8th, Isabel, Bill N., Bill Maki and I had coffee at McDonald's in WalMart. All three of us are retired Safeway employees. I worked 30 years, they worked 40 years. We reminisced about all the good and sad times we had.
When I got home I was shocked to hear of the shooting at a Safeway Store in Tucson, Ar.
I guess, 40 years from now, the Tucson Ar. Safeway employees will do the same.
God bless all of them.

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