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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cancer Quilt.

June 6, 2011.

I met Heather at Maria's quilt retreat, we sit next to each other, that gives me the opportunity to drive her nuts.
I told her about my friend who has breast cancer and she insisted I make her a lap quilt. I tried to explain that I had already made a quilt for her and her husband, Joe. Heather gave me the cancer fabric and the pattern, Disappearing 4-Patch or the 4 to 9-Patch. I made the blocks, adding sashing and cornerstones.

I gave it to Isabel on Sunday, she was surprised, it was bigger than she expected. She will put it to good use, sometimes in the evenings she gets cold.

Disappearing 4 - patch or the 4 to 9 - Patch.
This is the original pattern, no sashing.


  1. Awesome - what a great job to whip that up so quickly!!!

    Sheila Meloche
    (coffee gal - from Guild)