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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Quilts 2013. For Family and Friends.




I made this pattern with fabric from my friend Heather, I am so happy with it that I made one for a young
women I have known since she was a little girl. I feel like she's my own. 
Kathy Douglas
Kathy's  Grand daughter Danica

Nicole M
 This one is still here

Sunkissed by Sweetwater, my favourite colours. It's mine. 

Isabel's great grand daughter

Brayden's Minecraft, my grandson.

My Sewing room

Brayden's other Minecraft Quilt.

My New Bag. I'm still using the pattern by Sharon Zack.
Thank you Sharon. 

Laurel Burch Fabric - Fabulous Felines. fabric left over from Connie's  quilt.


    Bristol McDonald my Great-great Nephew


  1. Nice to see you back in Blogland Betty. Happy New Year to you.

  2. BettyAnn!!!!

    I've found you again.. my Long Lost friend! I sent you an email on your yahoo account!
    Your Quilts are Amazing!!! I sure have missed my friend!
    Hope you are well:)

  3. Wonderful quilts, Betty. Love them all. You are a very talented lady.