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Monday, January 6, 2014

The New Year 2014.

wonder if my blog missed me. It's been ages since I've given more than a passing glance to my poor neglected blog. I barely know where to begin!
The old year has drawn to an end and the new one has arrived.
A clean slate waiting to be filled with many new adventures. Most
of us make New Year's resolutions, but we fail to stick with them. For my resolution I will chose a word, which is ‘accept.’ I will accept the hand that has been dealt me. I’m going to try and follow the path that God has for me.

Before Christmas I was fortunate enough to have been invited by my brother and his wife for dinner. A few days later my son Chris booked a flight for me from Thunder Bay to his home in the States. Up at three in the morning, at the airport by four, on the plane by six. Arrived in Chicago 6:30 am, back on the plane for a three and a half hour flight to my youngest son's home. My trip was perfect, I missed the snow storm in both cities.

The six of us went fabric shopping for a new quilt for Nicole, at a shop called Material Girls. It is such a great shop. We love the ladies that work there, so much talent and they're all so sweet. I came home with two more new rulers. The flight home was pleasant to Chicago then I had a two hour delay. I still got home safe and sound. The snow never stopped falling for the next few days, but it was still good to be home.

I  haven’t sewn any of the kits I made last year but I will post the quilts I did make this late summer and early winter. For me, it’s a way of keeping a record of my quilts even though I still scrapbook them and I’m a little behind in that as well.

January is starting out extremely cold, and it doesn't seem to want to let up.

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  1. Betty it's so good to see you posting! And your word is perfect and a wonderful reminder for me as well!
    Love you tons!