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Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing but snow, and it's cold outside.

Snow. More snow. This winter it was all anyone was talking about. Leaving my apartment to go to my car was like walking through a tunnel. The snow banks are as tall as me. 

Quote from Scott Sutherland - Geekquinox The same is true for Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

In Ontario, this is the coldest winter in 20 years for the city of Toronto, and in Windsor it has not only been the coldest in 35 years, but the city has also seen more snowfall than any other year on record.
In the Prairies, it's the coldest winter since 1978-79 for Winnipeg, and the third-coldest winter there in over 100 years. For Saskatoon, which is known for some exceptionally cold weather, so far this the coldest winter since 1995-96.

Sad. it’s snowing out again today, and it’s freezing cold. 

My apartment is some where behind this snowbank,
Then more snow came. 

My helpers. They clean the yard and my car.

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