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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Promises I Make to Myself But Rarely Keep.

My Promise. Make a quilt and finish it. 

I’m working on three quilts at the same time!  When I start one and just get bored with it, I start working on another one and continue in this vein until I finally finish at least one. Something happened and I needed to make a special quilt. I still have about six kits I made after Bill passing. In time I may just give them away. Patterns and fabrics are always changing, so do my likes and dislikes. 

Here is how it went during February. I bought Lori Holt’s new Hexie Half Ruler/Templates, while I was in Utah last summer. The pattern for the Hexie ruler is in, ‘A Bee in my Bonnet’ blog, called, ‘Honeycomb’. I used my scraps to try out this ruler. 
Nicole and I shopped at The Material Girls Quilt store last Christmas. We bought, Windham W Fabrics “Downtown” by LB Krueger. Nicole chose the pattern, Boomerang, by “Crazy Old Ladies”. I cut out the pieces and sewed them at our Ignace retreat. 
I put all this aside to make Jackie’s Memory Quilt. It will never replace her two beautiful Grandchildren who died tragically, but it will keep her warm. I took the top to Wendy Currie to quilt on her Longarm. She does a beautiful job and I won’t have to worry about sewing around those angelic faces. 

I have a panel quilt sitting on the floor waiting for me to practice my free motion quilting. It will probably sit there for a long time.

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